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The Laws of Good Health and Life

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Law Of Good Health & Nerves Function. The brain is similar in function to a computer. It controls all aspects of the nervous and nervous system operations, much like a microprocessor inside a computer. The spinal cord is the connection, just like the wires and gates of a computer. Each part of your body must have a normal nerve supply in order to function properly. The nerves transmit electrochemical signals between different parts of the nervous system, as well the nervous system and other cells and tissues.

The Law Of Good Health. An automobile can only be operated on 10 percent gasoline and 90 percent of the water. Your body cannot function at its best if it is consuming unnatural and toxic food. You need to have clean water to drink, and fresh air to inhale. Regularly remove accumulated wastes from your body, and maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness.

Exercise and Movement. Movement is life, and stillness means death. To be healthy, you must tone up. To be at your peak performance, you should exercise a reasonable amount each day. Is it true that “if it isn’t used, it will be lost”? It’s true! You’ll lose your body if it isn’t used. Your muscles become weaker and less flexible. Your heart, lungs and brain won’t work efficiently. Your joints will become weak and susceptible to fractures. Inactivity can be as damaging as alcoholism.

The Law Of Good Health – Rest And Sleep. You should balance your daily activities with time for sleep and rest. This allows nature to re-energize you and give you the energy and vitality necessary for your future success. The importance of sleep is vital for your health. But millions of people lack enough sleep. This can lead to many chronic problems.

Positive Mental Attitude. Positive thinking is a mental attitude which accepts in your mind the thoughts and words that will help you grow, prosper, and succeed. It is a mindset that expects to achieve great and amazing results. A positive outlook anticipates the best. This includes happiness, joys, health, and a successful outcome to every situation or action.

Anything the human mind hopes for, it achieves. It is said that “A man can think about anything he wants all day”. As the great book says, “As a person thinks in their heart, so are they.” Negative thinking can often lead to it. And we will reap what we sow in The Law of Good Health and Life.


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