The Business Analyst can be described as an agent of transformation. Business Analysis is a disciplined approach that introduces and manages change within organizations, be they for-profit, government, or non-profit.
There are many job titles for business analysts. These include business analyst as well as systems analyst, requirements analyst, process analyst and product owner. For success in many other positions, including management, project management. software development. quality assurance. interaction design.

Business analysis is used in order to understand and articulate the need for change within organizations and to facilitate this change. As business analysts, our job is to find and identify the solutions that will maximize an organization’s contribution to its stakeholders. Business analysts may work at all levels of an organisation and can include everything from creating strategy to the creation of enterprise architecture to leading programs and projects, as well as defining and implementing the technology.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist the business in navigating unfamiliar or uncharted territory to reach its desired destination. The benefits of business analysis are in realizing the benefits, avoiding cost, identifying new opportunities, understanding the required capabilities, and modeling the organisation. The effective use of business analytics can help an organization realize these benefits, which will ultimately improve their ability to do business.